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The Legionary football club was founded by a Ghanaian student in Ukraine, Nyarko Bright and his wife Nyarko Yana,
in November 2017.
The team consists of real legionaires and was assembled from students of Dnipro higher educational institutions, mainly from Ghana, as well as from Nigeria, Angola and other African countries.
The first debut tournament for "legionaries" was the "Tournament in memory of M. Bely", which traditionally takes place in the winter during the inter-seasonal period, under the auspices of the Football Federation of the Dnipropetrovsk region (FFDO). All participants of the tournament in the principle of sports were divided into 3 groups: A, B and Group C - in which FC Legionary got.
The first match in the history of the club took place on December 9, 2017, "legionaries" won this match with a scores of 4: 0.
Players felt and enjoyed the charm of the Ukrainian winter. I had to play matches in any weather: in case of snowfall, on the ice field, and in the rain. But despite the unfavorable weather, the "legionaries" held a group stage without a single defeat, having played 11 matches - they scored 8 wins and 3 draws.

According to the results of the group stage, FC Legionary took the 2nd place in Group C and went into the play-off, where in the first match the team was minimally conceded to the Sinelnikovsky District Team. Legionaires did not go into the playoff of the tournament, but as it turned out later, the team was able to prepare well for the upcoming Championship of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Spring 2018 brought the "legionaires" some good news.
"Replenishment" came to the Legionaire's family: Ukraine, Morocco and Egypt filled up the wealth of countries in the team.
FC Legionary successfully announced in the first league of the region and found a sponsor in the face of the company "Nest academy", which covered the costs for the upcoming season.
We was pleased with a good start in the championship of a series of three victories.
As a result, the Legionary had a pretty good season: 15 wins, 4 draws and 3 defeats.
FC Legionary took the second place in Group A and entered the top 8 teams that fought for the championship in the playoff stage.
In 1/4 finals of the Legionary FC went to Pavlograd Atrium. In the first away game, "Legionaires" lost 2: 1; but at home they played with the same result, but already in favor of the Legionary 2:1. In extra time, the teams exchanged 1: 1 goals and, based on the result of two matches, 4: 4 (advantage of the goal away from home), Atrium goes to 1/2 of the final and eventually became the champions of the region.
FC Legionary in the winter off-season is preparing for the next season.
In new season 2019 FC Legionary playing in SuperLeague Championship of Dnipro region.

On photo 1st match in season with Dniproagro.
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